2023/24 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS (Membership Year runs from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024)

Club Application – SATVA Application for Clubs – 2024-25 (Annual membership fees are $105 club fee, plus $10.50 per member (includes GST))

Corporate Application – Contact our General Manager for opportunities at

Individual Application SATVA Application for Individual Membership – 2024-25 (Note: Individual members are considered Associate members and do not have a vote at any general meeting, however they can become a Director of SATVA.) (Annual membership fees are $30)


Payment, both club and individual can be made by

  • cheque or by
  • e-transfer (at


Interested in becoming a  member?!  Great!!

We want to help you and your club achieve the ideal off-roading experience.  As we pool together the concerns of  Saskatchewan ATV riders, safety and insurance concerns have been among the most  prevalent.  By becoming a member, SATVA  immediately begins to address these matters by providing:

  • Liability  Insurance for your Club’s Directors.
  • Liability  and Indemnity Insurance for your Club’s events, trail rides, trail  maintenance/repair or any other non-racing function or adventure your club  wants to engage in.  Liability for events  that are timed or are competitive can also be purchased.
  • Excellent  insurance rates for your ATV, including liability, accident insurance, and even  replacement cost insurance.
  • Info  on Safety Training for adults and children.

The above lists some of the  immediate benefits of becoming a member.   However, indirectly, your membership ensures the continued movement in  achieving wide-ranging goals that will benefit the sport and recreation of ATV  use throughout the province, for many years to come.  From the earliest of planning sessions,  SATVA’s mission was formed from the following goals:

  • Unite  all ATV clubs in Saskatchewan  as one strong group with a clear voice.
  • Favor  a spirit of cooperation with the Province’s Law Enforcement.
  • Represent  the interest of ATV’ers during the preparation of laws.
  • Help  with the protection of the environment.
  • Maintain  and encourage a positive public image. 
  • Focus  on advancing  training and safety to  users, specifically youth
  • Instill  family values while on the trail.
  • Promote  responsible ATV use.
  • Protect our right to ride.

Contact our General Manager at or the toll free number 1-855-297-2882 for information on starting a club or visit our SATVA Member Club page for a listing of existing ATV clubs and their contacts.