ATV Trails

Designated and Club Trails

SATVA has a trail agreement with the Ministry of Environment which allows for sections of crown land to be designated ATV trails. We currently have trails in the Little Bear Lake area under the agreement that are maintained and management by LBL All Terrain Ventures ATV Club. The map below (and downloadable GPS and KML files) shows the trail system that forms part of the agreement. We are working on getting additional trail systems included under the agreement.

LBL Trail

Download GPX File (Garmin GPS)

Download KML File (Google Earth)


Big River has an extensive ATV trail network. Their southwest trail group has recently been added to the Trail Agreement we have with the Ministry of Environment. Below is a map of their trails that is posted in their tourism office as well as downloadable GPS and KML files.


Download GPX File (Garmin GPS)

Download KML File (Google Earth)


The District of Lakeland (and Great Blue Heron Provincial Park) has a number of trails. To ride on the trails in the District of Lakeland a plate is required. This is a plate issued and administered by the District of Lakeland. The revenue from the plates is used to develop and maintain ATV trails within the District. A plate or term permit can be obtained by contacting the District of Lakeland office at 306-982-2010 or visiting their website at


Provincial Parks

There are three provincial parks (Moose Mountain Provincial Park, Narrow Hills Provincial Park and Great Blue Heron Provincial Park that have designated ATV trails.

General Information on ATV Trails in Provincial Parks can be found here:

       Saskatchewan Parks ATV Trail Information


General Rules

Other than stated above the following are the general rules regarding where ATV’s can be operated in the province.

  • Current ATV legislation allows ATV’s to be used in the ditch of any provincial highway and on any unoccupied crown land, unless there is a regulation prohibiting it.
  • Private Property – In order to operate on private property permission must be obtained first from the land owner, unless the person owns that property.
  • Rural and Urban Municipalities – Usage of ATV’s in Rural Municipalities, towns and cities is generally subject to a by-law either allowing it or prohibiting it. If your considering operating an ATV in an urban or rural municipality check with their office concerning ATV usage.


Additional Resources

The following are some resources which identify trails and other activities.

Tourism Saskatchewan – general trail information including ATV

Saskatchewan Trail Association – general trail information

Sask Trail Riders – Facebook Group

Riders can also check the following links for ATV trails in our neighboring jurisdicitions;

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