The Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Association was formed in 2006 to unite ATV clubs and users into a single voice to promote the safe¬†and responsible use of ATV’s in Saskatchewan. ATV’s include quads, side by sides, UTV’s and other off road vehicles as defined in the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Act.splash_image

Through working with governments, other associations, its members and other ATV riders, SATVA lobbies for better opportunities to ride within the province. SATVA is a member of the Canadian Quad Council (CQC) and through that association interacts with other provincial associations and promotes training through the Canadian Safety Council accredited trainers in the province.

SATVA ByLaws -Amended on June 16, 2018

Board of Directors:

President: Ed Van Hamm
Vice President: Kelly Moens 
Secretary/Treasurer: Brian Patterson
Director: Andrew Rudy
Director: Ryan Bergen
Director: Bill Gerow
Director: Maxine Gerow
Director: Darcy Inkster
Director: Peter Kalyn
Director: Lori Fehr
Director: Randy Pellegrini
Director: Warren Gusdal
Director: Valerie Hales

General Manager: John Meed (info@satva.ca)